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Activities of the SUDEFIB Committee

 Find here a list of the SUDEFIB Committee's activities:

Activities 2009 

February 2009
*Development and launch of the Sustainable FTTH Configurator at the FTTH Conference 2009 in Copenhagen


Activities 2008

October 2008
*Presentation on SUDEFIB at the Grenelle du Trés Haut Débit 23rd September at ODEBIT 2008 (23-25 September, Paris)

June 2008 
*Presentation on SUDEFIB at the International Symposium: ICTs and Climate Change, London, 17-18 June 2008

February 2008 
*Presentation of the SUDEFIB Committee study conducted by PwC/Ecobilan "Developing a generic approach for FTTH solutions using LCA methodology" at the FTTH Conference 2008 in Paris