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The Sustainable FTTH Configurator

 The tool for assessing environmental impact of fibre networks.

The SUDEFIB Committee developed, together with PwC, the Sustainable FTTH Configurator, presented at the FTTH Conference 2009 in Copenhagen.


The Sustainable FTTH Configurator is a new online evaluation tool that can determine the precise environmental impact of FTTH deployments. The tool is the first of its kind.


It can be used by individual network providers, regional governments and municipalities to model and test the environmental impacts of specific FTTH services and network designs.


It allows users to implement their own range of data into the models, work out the local, real-world payback on local investments, and find improvements to make FTTH even more sustainable. The Sustainable FTTH Configurator allows users to define precise results regarding CO² emissions, non-renewable energy or air acidification etc.


The Sustainable FTTH Configurator is available only through the FTTH Council Europe.


The development of the Sustainable FTTH Configurator extends the work of the SUDEFIB Committee initiative, which began 2008 with groundbreaking research conducted in collaboration with PricewaterhouseCoopers. The initial Sudefib study was based upon average data from FTTH networks across Europe.