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Associate Partners



BREKO was founded in 1999 as an organisation for alternative local exchange carriers. In its current composition, the organisation represents the majority of all landline competitors of Deutsche Telekom AG. The members of BREKO sell products based on proprietary infrastructure. In addition to telephone and Internet services, the companies offer, for example, IPTV and premium rate service.



The European Competitive Telecommunications Association supports the regulatory and commercial interests of new entrant telecoms operators, ISPs and suppliers of products/services to the communications industry. ECTA works for a fair regulatory environment allowing all electronic communications providers to compete on level terms to enable multiply investment and innovation throughout an effective European internal market. The association represents the telecommunications industry to key government and regulatory bodies and maintains a forum for networking and business development.


eris@ - the European Regional Information Society Association is an international non-profit association based in Brussels and engaging with EU institutions. eris@ aims to promote ICT initiatives throughout a network of partners and European regions and enhance project collaboration. eris@ member regions represent over one third of the European Union and partners include Microsoft, the European Alliance for Innovation (EAI) and the Fibre to the Home Council (FTTH). eris@: where policy and practice meet.


ETNO (the European Telecommunications Network Operators' Association) is the voice of the European telecommunications network operators with over a decade of experience in shaping EU telecoms policy. The association represents 40 companies located in 35 European countries.  They account for an aggregate annual turnover of more than 250 billion Euros, represent 70% of total sector investment and employ up to one million people across Europe.


 Europacable is the European platform for wire & cable manufacturers and the voice of the industry towards the European Commission. The main mission is the promotion of W&C technology which reflects state of the art safety and ecological aspects in all fields of application ranging from enameled wires, general wiring cables for construction/industrial applications, energy cables, data/control cables to metallic and optical fibre telecommunication cables. Europacable is a Co-operating Partner of CENELEC and Technology Partner of EFA.


Fiber Optic Valley is Sweden’s leading organization within fiber optics. We co-operate with universities, investors, policy makers and private companies for the development of new products and services based on fiber optics and the need for high-speed internet. Through us you have one simple way in to the prospering Swedish fiber optic market.


OASE (Optical Access Seamless Evolution) is an Integrated Project funded by the European Commission through the 7th ICT-Framework Program (FP7). OASE addresses the challenges of developing the next-generation optical access (NGOA) network, spanning up to 100km and serving Gbit/s services to up to 1000 customers per feeder. Focusing on European requirements for the “2020” time horizon, OASE considers a seamless evolution towards NGOA from a multi-faceted perspective, including technical, economic, regulatory, environmental and business aspects.


 Founded in 1945, the SCTE is a non-profit making organisation whose aim is to raise the standard of broadband engineering in the telecommunications industry. SCTE training courses have achieved wide acceptance as the standard for young technicians wishing to enter the field of cable telecommunications and for those wishing to advance their knowledge and career prospects. As a Learned Society, SCTE is able to provide accreditation and certification for its members, giving them professional standing within the industry.


The IBBT ICON TERRAIN (Techno-Economic Research for futuRe Access Infrastructure Networks) project investigates the rollout of optical fibre in the access network in cooperation with other utility networks as future-oriented solution. To meet the large installation costs it focuses on optimizing the collaboration between all actors involved (equipment vendors, telecom operators, utility companies, municipality, FTTH interest group, GIS and telecom software suppliers, and multi-disciplinary research groups), analysing all aspects from a techno-economic point of view, considering technical, social, economic and regulatory sub-problems.


Vefica the Dutch Society of Manufacturers and Suppliers to the Broadband Industry
Vefica's members represent the major part of the Dutch broadband industry and with that Vefica can be considered as an important platform on behalf of the Dutch broadband industry. One of the prime tasks of Vefica is offering a communications platform for our members and other parties in the industry.