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About us

Enhance the Quality of Life

The mission of the FTTH Council Europe is to accelerate the FTTH adoption by all broadband stakeholders through education and promotion in order to enhance the quality of life, contribute to a better environment and increased competitiveness.


The FTTH Council Europe believes that the development and deployment of fibre based broadband access networks will enhance the quality of life for European citizens and provide the European countries with an infrastructure that will allow its companies to increase their effectiveness within the global marketplace. The council’s charter is to educate European governments, policymakers and political leaders on why and how high speed fibre connectivity can be delivered to all European citizens within the next years.


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The Council is led by a board of 9 including the President, Mr. Chris Holden, from Corning (UK). The Council has 4 separate working committees and 1 expert group, which each focus on developing the case for fibre connectivity through a range of materials delivered. Each committee/group is chaired by an experienced industry professional, who directs a committee of members to achieving specific goals and targets. The deliverables of each committee are then communicated through to business, technology and political leaders who can help drive the deployment of FTTH across Europe. The 4 committees and group within the FTTH council are outlined below. 

  • Business Committee
  • Content & Applications Committee
  • Deployment & Operations Committee
  • Market Intelligence Committee
  • Policy & Regulation Expert Group