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Test your impact!

SUDEFIB has developed an online tool to allow network operators and others to evaluate the sustainability of existing or planned FTTH networks.


Our study into the sustainability of FTTH networks, conducted with independent advisory firm PricewaterhouseCoopers and subsidiary Ecobilan, showed that a typical fibre access network will have a positive environmental impact within 15 years, or possibly sooner.


But we wanted to go one step further, and create a web tool to allow individual network operators and other interested parties to assess the impact of particular networks, either existing or planned. We wanted them to be able to:


  • Calculate the environmental benefits of their existing or planned network
  • Experiment with and fine tune a network's parameters to maximise its sustainability


With PricewaterhouseCoopers and Ecobilan, we created a tool - called the Sustainable FTTH Calculator - that enables FTTH stakeholders to calculate and compare the potential environmental benefits of network projects on a case by case basis.


Maximum sustainability


Unveiled at the FTTH Council Europe Conference 2009 in Copenhagen, the Configurator allows parties like network providers, regional governments and municipalities to experiment with parameters and test the environmental impacts of specific FTTH services and network designs. This ensures that FTTH deployments end up as sustainable as possible.


The Sustainable FTTH Configurator is available only through the FTTH Council Europe, for free.