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BT Fibre Trial 'Too Slow'

BT's FTTH trial at Ebbsfleet, a new town planned for Thames estuary in the UK, has been criticised as 'too slow'. 

Experts have questioned the value of an FTTH network that replicates ADSL speeds and feeds, rather than offering the maximum available bandwidth.  Whilst downstream bandwidth is expected to be 10 mbps minimum, upstream bandwidth is capped at 2 mbps. This will limit the speed of uploads to the Internet.

Many people predict that the new generation of internet applications, particularly those associated with mass collaboration, will demand far higher speeds than currently available from broadband networks. Most of that growth will be seen in upload speeds, where personal broadcasting (of the You Tube variety) is predicted to come to dominate Internet traffic over time. Read more here.


*These comments do not necessarily reflect the views of the FTTH Council Europe.