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Scottish Sewers Drive New FTTH Rollout

New FTTH provider H2O Networks has been creating miles of column inches in the UK media since its launch earlier this year, principally because the ducting medium it favours (sewer systems) appears so amusing and novel to the average British citizen. 

This week saw it taken to extremely serious with an announcement to roll-out FTTH to 55,000 homes in the Scottish city of Dundee. Most famous for the astonishing density of a fruit cake that shares the city's name, Dundee has been selected as the site of H2O's second UK 'fibrecity' owing to the density of its population. Connection speeds will apparently run in excess of 100Mbps, once work begins in 2009. Already underway, H2O's other 'fibrecity' Bournemouth (situated on the south coast of England) will boast 88,000 connections and, like Dundee, uses investment from H2O as well from local municipal government.

Read more at ISPreview or BBC.


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