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Italy's Sharing Revolution?

Giant incumbent operator Telecom Italia and alternative triple-play pioneer FastWeb have agreed to ‘make love, not war’ in a wide-ranging set of agreements and platitudes that will call an end to various ongoing legal/financial disputes and see the two carriers ‘share’ many of the passive infrastructure components of their NGN rollouts. 

According to FastWeb CEO Stefano Parisi, “For the first time, we are seeing cooperation in infrastructure and know-how which will accelerate the spread of broadband across the country.  It is a European ‘first’ which demonstrates the positive results of competition between infrastructure operators and Italy’s specific success.”

So what are we actually talking about here?  Well, both carriers have big investment plans for fibre-access networks in Italy and this is seemingly their collective solution for avoiding the waste of ‘duplication’.  Telecom Italia and FastWeb say they will cooperate on the reciprocal use of existing fibre ducts and on the planning of future fibre-route construction. 

Any would-be jealous lovers wanting to join this romance will apparently be invited with open arms, as more prospective partners are encouraged to participate.

More on this story can be found on www.lightreading.com or www.fibresystems.org.


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