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Stavänger Shows Podcasts

On the 10th and 11th of April 2008 the OECD organised a workshop in Stavänger, Norway, on fibre investment and policy challenges.

This workshop focused on investment across the OECD and looked at best practices across a range of investment scenarios and looked at how regulations concerning fibre are evolving in OECD countries and how to ensure that these networks help promote effective competition.

Benoît Felten, Senior Analyst for the Yankee Group, performed a series of interviews there with the key speakers at this workshop on Next Generation Access Networks. The end result can be found in two podcasts, entitled the Stavänger Show.


The Stavänger Show - Part One: FTTH Policy


  • Marvin Sirbu, Prof. Engineering and Public Policy at Carnegie Mellon University
  • Antony Walker, Head of the Broadband Stakeholder's Group
  • Grant Forsyth, Head of EMEA Regulatory Affairs at BT Global Services
  • Dimitri Ypsilanti, responsable for the OECD Working Party on Communications
The Stavänger Show - Part Two: Deployment Models


  • Herman Wagter, CEO of Glasvezelnet Amsterdam
  • Dennis Weller, Chief Economist at Verizon
  • Christian Berg, Consultant at Dansk Energi
  • Richard Clarke, AVP of Regulatory Planning and Policy at AT&T


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