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New Fibre Connections Overtake Cable

Telecom analysts Point Topic have recorded a huge upswing in new fibre connections across the world, exceeding new cable connections for the first time. Figures for the first three months of 2008 indicate a 68% overhaul, as new fibre connections reached 4.2 million globally compared to just 2.5 million of cable.

One of the key features of the report is that the marked increase in fibre connections comes despite some industry-watchers predicting consumers would fail to find the additional speeds (typically 100Mbps for fibre, more than double that of cable) necessary or attractive.

“This is a significant milestone for fibre-optic broadband,” said Oliver Johnson, Chief Executive of Point Topic.  “Where it is available, consumers will take fibre over other broadband technologies.”

Value for money is the biggest driver cited, especially in the Far East where ‘per Mbps’ monthly prices are 15 times more for DSL than for fibre.

Read more at www.vnunet.com or www.computerworlduk.com


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