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BT Signals Fibre Intent

As the powerbase within BT shifts from outgoing Chairman Sir Christopher Bland toward incoming CEO Ian Livingstone, the winds of change are promising to come with it.  Both have been energetically outlining BT’s proposed new plans for a £1.5 billion investment to deliver FTTH and FTTx to around 1 million UK homes by 2013.  The move follows similar commitments in the last year from incumbent operators in the other major Western European countries.

According to BT statements, the exact split of the two technologies (FTTH vs Fibre-to-the-Curb/Cabinet and other deep fibre approaches) will end up being dictated by “the interest shown by government and regional and local authorities”.  Moreover, the entire plan is contingent upon a successful outcome from forthcoming discussions with UK telco regulator Ofcom to bring about a “supportive and enduring regulatory environment”.

While some obstacles to the plan reaching fruition may yet remain, BT clearly understands the validity of fibre within its ongoing investment strategy. 

FTTH Council Europe President Joeri Van Bogaert commented, “We warmly welcome this latest decision for fibre from BT; it is one more incumbent that has committed to implementing next generation broadband in Europe, and is certainly helping to make our Council’s mission of over 12 million European homes being connected by 2012, a near reality.

BT looks to provide 10 million UK homes with ultra-fast broadband but there will also be 1 million lucky customers that will have fibre connected directly to their home.  We definitely see this decision for investing in 1 million homes to receive fibre to the Home, as the most positive development and a step in the right direction for the UK’s future.”

Read more at www.telecommagazine.com or www.ft.com


*These comments do not necessarily reflect the views of the FTTH Council Europe.