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July '08 Update Global Ranking Available

On 23 July 2008, at the FTTH Council Asia Pacific annual Conference in Kuala Lumpur the update for the Global FTTH-Ranking of the three FTTH Councils was presented.

South Korea, Hong Kong, Japan and Taiwan now occupy the top four positions in the ranking, and the Asian region now accounts for more than 27 million of the world’s estimated 32 million fiber to the home connections.  South Korea now has nearly 37 percent of its households connected to fiber, with Hong Kong at 27 percent, Japan at 24 percent and Taiwan at 7.7 percent.  And while the People’s Republic of China ranked 11th in terms of market penetration, growth in the number of connections to 7.5 million means that China is now second only to Japan in the number of households with FTTH.

Four Scandinavian countries (Sweden, Norway, Iceland and Denmark) and Slovenia occupied the fifth through ninth positions in the ranking, with market penetration ranging from 7.5 percent to 3.2 percent.  The Netherlands and Italy were in the 12th and 13th positions, each with market penetration of 1.4 percent.  In all, European countries reported 1.4 million FTTH connections.

The United States is third among the world’s economies in the total number of FTTH households at 3.3 million, and is in 10th position in the global ranking with 2.9 percent market penetration.  The U.S. continues to experience the highest rate of growth of any economy in terms of FTTH subscribers – doubling the number of connections year over year.  This is due largely to an aggressive FTTH deployment by market leader Verizon, Inc. and ongoing FTTH build out by more than 600 smaller providers across the country.

Click here to download the press release.