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Dutch Commit to Openness

You could have guessed that a nation known for its progressive social policies and general open-mindedness would be among the first to embrace the opening up of countrywide FTTH networks.

Dutch incumbent KPN has announced it will be allowing competitors onto its FTTH access infrastructure in order to maximise its network utilisation. 

So why is KPN’s stance eager for open models, while most other incumbents are more cautious about allowing competitors onto their significant capital investments?  The large degree of robust facilities-based competition in The Netherlands is a contributing factor, as is KPN’s desire to take a long-term view of its local market.  In May, it took a minority stake in Reggefiber, a private infrastructure firm with which it subsequently set up a joint venture to own and extend the network.  This new entity ‘Reggefiber FTTH’ doesn’t represent full structural separation, although it creates an addition tier in the broadband delivery model, acting as a wholesale provider for competitive service providers (including KPN) to gain access to the FTTH network.

Read more at voipservices.tmcnet.com or at www.itpro.co.uk


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