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IPTV Drives European Operator Financials

The continued rapid uptake of IPTV services is being reflected in the latest financial figures released by some of Western Europe’s largest incumbents.

Analysis conducted by Light Reading reveals the extent of growth by France Telecom and Telefonica in particular.  FT now has 1.54m IPTV subscribers, 1.39m of which are in France, with the remainder in Spain and Poland.   It represents a 76% increase in IPTV demand for FT, which is embarked upon a large fibre broadband investment in France, as are numerous other competitive carriers in the French market.

A similar picture is found at Telefonica, where IPTV subscribers in Spain now number 0.58m.  That’s an increase of 28% from last year though the pace of uptake has increased rapidly in the last few months.  The figures from both incumbents were received well by the financial markets, as share prices rose strongly on the news.

In the UK meanwhile, BT’s quasi-IPTV service ‘BT Vision’ is also driving increases in demand; up 20% in just three months from 0.25m to 0.3m with strong uptake forecasted for the remainder of the year.  However, markets responded less well in London, as other factors led to a fall in the UK incumbent’s share price.

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