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France Passes Landmark FTTH 'Law'

The French Parliament and the French telecoms regulator (ARCEP) have taken strides toward a new regulatory framework intended to achieve widespread deployment of FTTH.

The principal event was the adoption, by the French Senate, of a wide-ranging economic development law, which contains key articles addressing the telecoms market.  Amongst other things, the ‘Loi de modernisation de l’economie’ – together with the adoption by ARCEP of several European Commission telecoms competition recommendations - increases the obligations of operators to allow access to in-building fibre, and formalizes FT’s obligations to provide access to civil infrastructure.

The law does not mandate any bitstream access obligation from operators.  How ARCEP responds to the future development of a very fast-moving French broadband market will not only be of great interest to stakeholders within France, but also policy-makers and operators further abroad.

Read more at www.modernisationeconomie.fr or www.journaldunet.com (both in French)


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