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Belfast's Titanic Quarter Sinks Fibre

Having been blighted by social and economic issues for decades, a key urban regeneration project in Northern Ireland is using FTTH to accelerate the competitiveness of business, and the communications capabilities of residential subscribers.

The £5bn, 185-acre Titanic Quarter in central Belfast (so named because the city’s enormous Harland and Wolff shipyards – since closed – built the famously doomed RMS Titanic ocean liner) will boast an open access FTTH network, delivering 100Mbit/s services to up to 15,000 homes and Gigabit speeds to the many high-tech businesses occupying nearly 1m sq ft of office space. 

The design will completely separate the management of ‘access’ and ‘services’ to stimulate innovation and competition in the way that the benefits of ultra-high speed broadband can be offered.  Uptime will also be guaranteed by taking two fibres to each home/business to build in full-access redundancy.

Read more at www.lightreading.com or lw.pennet.com


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