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Asia Sees the Light

The world’s eyes are on China as the Olympics capture our collective imaginations. Even in the fibre industry, our gaze has turned east as the FTTH Council Asia-Pacific recently hosted its latest annual conference under the theme: ‘See the Light’.

Nowhere else in the world is the utopian dream of fibre penetration being realized, than in leading nations such as South Korea and Japan.  South Korea now has more FTTH/FTTB connections that DSL connections, and Japan is close behind.  Yet it is not only the advanced industrialized nations (Taiwan and Hong Kong also carry very high levels of penetration) that offer an encouraging glimpse of the future.  In Malaysia for example, the first phase of an enormous high-speed broadband investment alone, is planned to last ten years.  Here the regulatory regime is very different to those in North America and – especially - in Europe, with the Malaysian government jointly funding rollouts in a private/public partnership with the national incumbent.   

At previous FTTH Council Asia-Pacific conferences, speakers from Europe contributing their own experiences were met with a mixture of puzzlement and pity that progress was so slow by comparison.  Europe’s pace has since quickened greatly, but so has Asia’s.

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