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Fibre Reaches Further

Scouring the latest news archives this week shows us that fibre broadband is reaching further than ever before.

Residents in a sleepy commuter village in the South East of England are being led toward their own fibre mini-revolution as a semi-retired telecoms engineer commands an exciting campaign that has already involved local councilors, a parliamentary MP and the Chairman of BT.  It seems his tiny campaign (essentially concerning just a few streets) was too small to show up on the UK incumbent’s radar though he is undeterred and has registered his own charity-come-service-provider in a bid to be heard.

In Amsterdam meanwhile, the successful CityNet project is stretching the definition of FTTH into a new meaning: ‘Fibre-to-the-Houseboat’.  Canal-dwellers in the city are presumably the first anywhere to hitch their floating abodes onto ultra-fast Internet, TV and telephony services whenever they moor for the night.

Read more at www.getsurrey.co.uk or www.wnibi.com


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