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Consumers Argue Broadband Black-spots Should Get 100Mbps Fibre First

The Consumer Panel at OFCOM – the UK telecoms regulator – is fighting the corner of broadband-poor regions so that they are at the ‘front of the queue’ when it comes to mass fibre broadband availability.  In other words, investment plans for fibre deployment shouldn’t simply follow the easiest commercial returns from high-income, high-population density regions – but instead be far more inclusive.

A spokesperson for the OFCOM Consumer Panel said; “We already know that the economic case for next generation access will not stack up in some areas …so let's address these issues alongside commercial roll-out, not after it. We're not asking for ISPs to pay but we could nevertheless ask OFCOM to make clear what the shape of regulation could be so that the cost implications are clear. It's about asking [ISPs] to identify where the black spots are and then look at alternative funding models."

Despite the UK population having very high availability of broadband (estimated in excess of 95%) across the nation, government statistics show that around one third of all UK homes still don’t have Internet connectivity.

Read more at www.silicon.com or news.bbc.co.uk


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