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FTTH - Heaven or Hellenic?

The Greek government has announced a strategy for next-generation broadband deployment that it will finance with an investment of around €2.1 billion. The target is to reach 2 million homes (around 40% of the country) with 100Mbps services over the next 7 years, covering all the largest areas of population.

The strategy reflects similar plans already execute by governments in Korea, Japan and Sweden, where the creation of an open access network has been stimulated to ensure the involvement of multiple service providers. The Greek government will foster the management of the passive infrastructure via three geographically distinct public-private partnerships on a 30 year basis.

Many industry-watchers have long viewed Greece’s broadband prowess as weak compared to other European nations, so this announcement is a major boost. The government’s own investment is thought to be eligible for funding from the European Investment Bank.

Read more at broadbandprime.blogspot.com or www.communicationsdirectnews.com


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