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UK Overlooks Longview

The Broadband Stakeholders Group, an influential advisory body to UK government, has been publicizing a new report which estimates the cost of national ‘FTTH’ rollout at around £29billion (€36.4billion), with other fibre-based deployment technologies such as FTTC calculated to be nearer £5billion (€6.3billion).

The findings can be seen to overlook several important business case considerations in favour of a more simplistic appraisal inferring that “lowest cost equals best cost.”  The FTTH Council Europe outlines some of these discrepancies in an interview with Fibre Systems Europe magazine.   

Meanwhile, UK incumbent BT is reported to be on the cusp of trialing a FTTC+VDSL rollout to around 15,000 subscribers.  According to an interview in Light Reading with the CEO of BT Openreach, if the trial fails to hit the right notes, the operator’s plans may need to be revised or even scrapped.

Read more at fibresystems.org or www.lightreading.com


*These comments do not necessarily reflect the views of the FTTH Council Europe.