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EU Parliament Ratifies Single Telecom Regulator

The corridors of power in Brussels have been bristling with FTTH-related matters this week, as the European Commission’s call for an EU-wide telecoms super-regulator to help open market competition has been met in part by the European Parliament.

The new independent body will be constituted from existing national telecom agencies, but will not have quite the remit of powers originally envisaged by Commission.  The Parliament supported the proposal that regulators be allowed to split up major telecom operators (e.g. to separate provision of telecom services from management of network infrastructure) in order to reduce conflicts of interest and boost competition.  However, this power would only be used in special circumstances.

In related news, European Competition Commissioner ‘Steelie’ Neelie Kroes is proposing radical solutions to the challenge of aggressive fibre roll-out.  The plans follow similar lines to those recently followed by US regulators which have proved highly successful in terms of rapid fibre penetration, though controversial in terms of the knock-on effects for long-term competition.

For more information go to ap.google.com or www.theregister.co.uk


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