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FTTH Council Explores New Regions

The FTTH Council Europe is beginning to explore its current geographic boundaries by reaching out to the new democracies that were formerly part of the Soviet Union, the nearby regions of the Middle-East and parts of Africa. While this is by no means a new official remit, it is a long-term aim of the Council to see how we can provide value and insight within these new territories and in return learn from their FTTH projects, with their own difficulties, without diluting our current work.

Throughout the remainder of this year and into 2009, we are planning a series of such activities that bring us into closer alignment with the important market developments across these regions. A first step in that direction will be taken at the FTTx MEGNA event, 13 – 14 October 2008, Dubai. FTTx MEGNA is an FTTx event specifically focusing on the Middle East, Gulf & North Africa region, endorsed by the FTTH Council Europe. The FTTH Council Europe has not only helped to develop a cutting-edge agenda as demanded for by the industry, but also actively participates in this conference providing insights in the session “FTTH Council Europe Thought Leadership Summit.