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Scotland Demands Next Generation Broadband

A snap survey by polsters YouGov in Scotland has unearthed strong demand for a range of services that are unique to next generation – principally fibre – broadband networks. In a survey of 1000 households, 87% of respondents wanted TV and movies on demand from their broadband services and 84% wanted high speed downloads.

Perhaps more interestingly, 71% wanted high speed broadband access to virtual learning tools, and 64% access to remote healthcare.  The survey was commissioned by Mott MacDonald, a management and engineering consultancy, and concludes by noting that with fibre penetration in the UK  of just 0.01%, that demand is likely to remain unsatisfied.

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In-depth research by the FTTH Council Europe, due early 2009, will take both a broader and closer look at the services producing the best return on investment in real world FTTH networks.


*These comments do not necessarily reflect the views of the FTTH Council Europe.