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BT's Fibre Drop in The Ocean

UK incumbent operator BT is going ahead with several pilot schemes that together will connect around 15,000 subscribers to 40Mbps FTTC/VDSL2 services. A limited trial will begin in Kesgrave, Suffolk in early 2009. Larger trials in North London and in South Wales (the region chosen for the initial rollouts of BT’s 21CN) will be underway by the summer, and will involve BT digging new fibre to remote cabinets.

The locations have been chosen in order to allow BT to test its services in both dense-urban and semi-rural areas.  Precise details of uplink and downlink subscriber connection speeds envisaged in the trial, will be dependent upon the vendors BT chooses to appoint.

Meanwhile, BT’s greenfield 100Mbps FTTH pilot in Ebbsfleet has now gone live, as the first residents of the new housing development move in.

Read more at bbc news or www.theregister.co.uk


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