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British Sewer-based FTTH Smells Wonderful

Deep beneath the streets of Bournemouth, a sleepy British seaside town, work has officially started on an ambitious £30m project to connect residents to 100Mbps FTTH services. 

The project, dubbed ‘Fibrecity’, is being built using the town’s sewer system.  The first installation phase will be followed by another four phases between now and March 2011, when as many as 88,000 homes and businesses will be offered ultra-high speed symmetric Internet connectivity.

According to the project operator – H2O Networks – using the sewer system dramatically increases deployment speeds while reducing deployment costs. A mile can apparently be laid in just four hours, at a cost of £3.50 (€4.37) per metre. The work is not without its own peculiar risks however; the cabling needs to be specially protected against sewer rat bites, and the stench must be overpowering…

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