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New European Pricing Survey Shows FTTH Undercutting ADSL2+

Research conducted by Tariff Consultancy has validated the increasing competitiveness of FTTH service pricing across Europe. Examining a host of FTTH infrastructure and service providers across 19 European countries, the report entitled ‘FTTH Pricing in Europe 2009’ contains evidence that FTTH services at speeds of 100Mbps are comparable in cost to ADSL based services that are a tenth of the speed.

All of the major European fibre nations are covered in the report, including France – the venue for the FTTH Council Europe annual conference held earlier this year – and Denmark, where next year’s conference will take place. “In France, a number of telecoms operators are offering FTTH services as the next stage (of broadband) as the DSL market reaches saturation,” said Tariff’s MD Margrit Sessions, in a press release.  “Increased fibre capacity is becoming a key differentiator for service providers.”

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