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KPN and Reggefiber Un-clog Dutch FTTH

A new joint venture between Dutch incumbent KPN and privately-held operator Reggefiber will embark upon a new €6-7bn FTTH deployment for the whole of The Netherlands. The ambitious plan sets a new benchmark in Europe and will undoubtedly catapult the country further into the leading group of fibre nations worldwide.

The plan – which envisages zero state investment – could eventually take as long as 12 years to complete on the basis that between 200,000 and 600,000 homes can be reached per annum.  There are around 7 million homes in The Netherlands, and the most of the country has fairly high population density.  The anticipated capital costs of €1,000 per home reflect certain economies of scale, as well as the project’s planned bias toward passive network elements; given DSL multiplexers and other active components in the access layer are not required.

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www.trouw.nl (in Dutch)




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