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French Operators Move forward on Fibre Sharing

The major fibre operators in France – Orange, SFR and Numericable – have responded to the deadline of March 2009 to achieve resolution over network sharing.

Following negotiations led by the newly formed ‘Very High Speed Broadband Committee’ and overseen by regulator ARCEP, the three operators have signed an agreement which specifies how fibre-optic cables within existing buildings (and those in already planned rollout areas) can be shared. 

Precise details have not yet been determined concerning how far the deal involves only a ‘single fibre’ (or ‘single mode’) approach rather than the ‘multi-fibre’ (‘multi-mode’) approach outlined in ARCEP’s own initial recommendations.  A series of pilots – and further high-level political wrangling - will likely decide the outcome.


Read more at www.iptv-news.com or www.lightreading.com


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