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UK Outlines Broadband Ambitions

Following on from much laudable trumpeting by all political parties, not to mention the BBC, about the importance of ultra-fast broadband to the UK economy, Lord Carter, minister for communications, has started to fill in the details.

In a preview of a report – ‘Digital Britain’ – to be finalised and published later this year, the number one priority is to create the right market and regulatory environment to encourage the build-out of next generation access networks (NGA) – or ultra-fast broadband. The policy will be to encourage market-led investment to reach as far as it can, and then review the role of government intervention to complete the network.  

Practical measures include stimulating a broader wholesale market in duct access. As a stimulus to change, the UK government will bring into force a Universal Service Obligation for broadband access, at a minimum download speed of 2 Mbps, by 2012.


For comment, see: http://www.guardian.co.uk/technology/blog/2009/jan/29/digital-britain-reviewed

The full report is here: http://nds.coi.gov.uk/environment/fullDetail.asp?ReleaseID=391214&NewsAreaID=2&NavigatedFromDepartment=True


*These comments do not necessarily reflect the views of the FTTH Council Europe.