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South Korea Signals New Benchmark for Nationwide FTTH Services

The Korean Communications Commission (KCC) has developed a strategy to overhaul the country’s already highly-advanced IT infrastructure, increasing FTTH speeds by a factor of x10 to 1Gbps. 


The massive €19.1 billion five-year plan would bring together public and private investment, and is forecast to create 120,000 jobs.

“This plan will bring innovation to the public’s digital lives,” KCC said in a press release.  The KCC added that the project will help Korea cement its position as one of the world’s leading IT countries.

More than 94 percent of Korean households already have access to high-speed Internet services, and Korea has the highest number of subscribers to broadband services in the world, according to 2008 OECD data.


Read more at joongangdaily.joins.com or www.pcworld.com


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