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Next Phase for Amsterdam FTTH Aims for Another 100,000 Homes

As the spotlight prepares to fall upon Copenhagen as the host city for the 2009 FTTH Council Europe annual conference, one of the event’s past venues has been proudly showing off its continued success.

The Glasvezelnet Amsterdam joint venture – encompassing the city’s municipal authority, several housing corporations and the recently formalized KPN/Reggefiber collaboration – has stated its aim to more than double FTTH penetration with a total of 100,000 additional homes in the next few years. This is expected, in turn, to be extended to the remaining 250,000 homes and businesses in due course.

The continued success of FTTH in Amsterdam has been an object lesson in cooperation. The city is a working example of one of the most progressive open access deployments in Europe.


Read more at fibresystems.org or  www.lightreading.com


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