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Hartwig Tauber has agreed to serve as Director General of the FTTH Council Europe for the next two years.

Tauber, who has held the same role previously, signed a contract for his latest term at the FTTH Council Europe Conference in Copenhagen.


“At our last conference in Paris we had 65 members, and we now have 114 and are still growing,” said Joeri Van Bogaert, President of the FTTH Council Europe, who was present at the signing. “The Council's professionalism and the support it offers are the reasons for its success and Hartwig Tauber is an important part of that.”

“I'm very honoured to accept this post,” said Tauber. “The Council has become a passion for me, and it has a very important part to play in the development of broadband infrastructure in Europe, helping to increase quality of life and economic prosperity.”