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FTTH Council Europe Extends Activities to Middle East

The FTTH Council Europe will extend its activities to the Middle East this year. At the FTTH Conference in Copenhagen the "FTTH Council Europe Middle East Group" was founded as an ad hoc working group.

The president of the FTTH Council Europe, Joeri Van Bogaert, welcomed the new members from the Middle East together with Roberto Santini from the Board of Directors and Hartwig Tauber, the Director General. Ardeshir Yeganegi, Wael Faqyait and Haitham Bou Harfouch represented the members from the Middle East.

During the first meeting Mr. Faris Awartani was elected Chair of the Middle East Group, Mohamed Salehynia will act as vice-chair. A first working meeting is planned for end of March and will take place in the Middle East. This first meeting will be combined with a press conference in the region to inform the local press about the activities.