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The Middle East Group: A Meeting of Minds

The FTTH Council Europe’s ‘Middle East Group’ today held its first official meeting in the Kingdom of Bahrain, completing the next step in extending the highly successful market development activities of the Council into the Middle East region. 

The group was founded at the Council’s Annual Conference in Copenhagen where Mr. Faris Awartani was elected Chair. Today Mr. Faris Awartini was joined by the FTTH Council Europe’s Director General and President, along with the full working party of new Gulf-based and European Council members to collaborate on ways to encourage investment and communicate the advantages of FTTH across the Middle East.


With the first meeting a marked success, the Group will be working to accelerate FTTH deployments in the region through promotion and education, communicating the economic and social benefits of major FTTH deployments to support the opportunities for FTTH to grow throughout the Middle East.


Read more here (English version) or here (Arabic version)