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EU Parliamentarians Offered Support on NGA Policy

In November last year, the FTTH Council Europe provided a detailed response to the public consultation on EU NGA (Next Generation Access) regulation, publicly supporting a number of its proposals while also specifying several improvements. This week, it has written directly to several members of the EU Parliament to reinforce the importance of FTTH for future economic development, and restate the case for FTTH as the NGA ‘endgame’.  The letters provide input on specific areas of policy development, most of which seek greater clarity and regulatory certainty to encourage investments.   


The letters also state that: “…the future needs of broadband users can only be met by bringing fibre directly to the subscriber. While other solutions including fibre hybrids and even wireless solutions will play an important role as complements, they will in no way act as demand substitutes. The need for a FTTH solution relates to the realistic future needs of end users in terms of capacity and is entirely consistent with the (EU Parliament’s) need for technological neutrality.” 

This direct parliamentary correspondence is part of the FTTH Council Europe’s ongoing focus on regulatory affairs which is led by members of its Policy & Regulation Committee and its Chair, Olivier Danthine. M. Danthine, together with Director General Hartwig Tauber and President Karel Helsen, are the signatories to the letters.