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Koreans ‘Tune In’ to IPTV

South Korea has responded well to the country’s launch of IPTV with the three main carriers securing more than 220,000 IPTV subscribers between them in the space of three months.

Regulatory conditions and TV programming rights issues had kept IPTV off the telecom operators agendas until late 2008, leaving the country's cable operators to dominate the digital TV sector. However, with regulatory hurdles removed and negotiations with TV content rights owners settled, national operator KT launched its full IPTV service in late November.

If the market continues to grow at this rate (70,000 IPTV subscribers per month), the South Korean IPTV market will end 2009 with more than 850,000 users, a total that would make it one of the biggest IPTV markets in the world after just one year of service availability.


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