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US Intrigued by Broadband Plans Down Under

Susan Crawford, special assistant to president Obama for science, technology and innovation policy, has touted the idea of public investment in a nationwide, state-of-the-art broadband network featuring speeds 100 times faster than those available today.

Crawford has stated she is ‘personally intrigued’ by the ambitious plans laid out by Australian Prime Minister, Kevin Rudd, that propose a public-private partnership to invest, build and operate a fiber-optic broadband network reaching 90 percent of homes and workplaces.

Discussing Australia's plan at a policy forum in April, Crawford said, "Simply put, a digital economy requires fiber, and Australia is making the determination that for that to work it will require a utility approach." Crawford also noted that Singapore is making a similar investment and Britain and the Netherlands are exploring the concept.

There has been no formal Obama administration commitment to such infrastructure investment.


Read more at www.nextgov.com or www.nationaljournal.com


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