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Verizon CEO says Video, not Telephony is his Core Business

Ivan Seidenberg, chief executive officer of the incumbent U.S. telco Verizon, has stopped worrying about declining landline voice services. Trying to predict when the company would stop losing voice landlines “is like the dog chasing the bus”, according to mr Seidenberg. “Video is going to be the core product in the fixed-line business”, he added, speaking at a Goldman Sachs investor conference on September 17.

Verizon’s is investing heavily in fibre optics and rolling out it’s FiOS services on top. Those services would mainly be video applications for fixed line, while voice would increasingly move to mobile networks. The New York Times reports Mr. Seidenberg feels relieved by moving away from the ‘shadow of the legendary Bell’. “Once I shed myself of the burden of chasing the inflection point in access lines and say ‘I don’t care about that anymore,’ I am actually liberated,” mr Seidenberg concluded.


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