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FTTH Connection Compulsory in Every New Belgian Home from 2010

Belgium’s ICT minister Vincent Van Quickenborne has unveiled his ‘Digital Belgium Action Plan 2010-2015. It includes measures for driving internet penetration from 64% today, exactly on par with the European average, to no less than 90% in 2015. The Belgian government will give incentives for PC ownership, as well as donate refurbished pc’s to the poor and unemployed.

The 30-point action plan also gives a clear vision about the ‘next generation’ of ICT networks, mainly LTE and FTTH. “This has to be mainly driven by market dynamics”, the minister states. However, as a European first, if not worldwide, every new building permit for homes and enterprises will need to include a fibre connection access. This obligation would be starting as early as 2010. “We still need to work out the details. I’m expecting a pro-active effort from the leading providers”, minister Van Quickenborne concluded.


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