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Paris Region Hauts-de-Seine Readies 700.000 Homes for Fibre

A consortium of commercial operators Numéricable (80%), Eiffage (15%) and LD Collectivités/Neuf-SFR (5%) will be investing 422 million Euros in fibre deployments over the next 6 years. The THD Seine project will connect a large part of the 700.000 homes and 100.000 businesses in the wealthy Hauts-de-Seine area before 2013, and 100% of the territory by 2015.

The fibre roll-out is now expected to start soon. The European Commission has approved the 59 million Euro subsidy for the project, paid for by the Conseil Général des Hauts-de-Seine. The subsidy is regarded as a means of compensating the cost of connecting homes that are ‘difficult’ to reach, even though greater Paris area of Hauts-de-Seine is a so-called ‘black’ area with good existing broadband infrastructure. The approval by the European DG Competition of an ‘incremental’ subvention for FTTH projects is a European first and a landmark decision for FTTH projects anywhere in Europe.


The THD Seine consortium, called Sequalum, will be using some infrastructure owned by COLT and France Télécom. It will not be selling services directly to consumers, yet merely providing access lines to FTTH service providers.


Read more at reseaux-telecoms.net or zdnet.fr (French only)


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