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Swedish government to make 100Mbps a nationwide standard

The next generation broadband in Sweden will definitely be operating at 100Mbps speeds. European FTTH champion Sweden is aiming to assure access to such services for 90% of its citizens by 2020. Already in 2015 some 40% of the population would be covered with 100Mbps access. 

The Swedish government believes pushing ultra-high-speed internet services will harness economic growth, competitiveness and innovation. They will also provide new answers to the challenges of the global economy, climate change and the ageing population in rural areas.
Sweden’s national broadband strategy includes strategic goals to assure the increased availability of ultra-high-speed broadband services. However the offerings are to be developed by free market dynamics. The market will be stimulated and facilitated by the Planning & Building Act and through a forum on the deployment of high-speed broadband.


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