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European Commission report: 80 percent of broadband lines are faster than… 2Mbps

Last year some 11,5 million new fixed Internet lines were rolled out to European citizens. According to a recently published report from the European Commission, 24% of all EU citizens have now broadband access. That’s a solid increase from only 21,6% in July 2008, up to a current total of 120 million fixed broadband lines.

The report also cites an increase in the average connection speed, with 80% of all ‘broadband’ lines now offering at least 2Mbps downstream. Lines with over 10Mbps have grown from 10% one year ago to more than 15% of all fixed lines in July 2009. Only 1,75% of all fixed lines in Europe are currently Fibre-to-the-Home (+40% year-on-year).


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