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FTTH Council Europe spoke at IGT 2009 World Summit of Cloud Computing

Karel Helsen, president of the FTTH Council Europe, spoke on 3 December at the 2009 World Summit of Cloud Computing, organised by the Israeli Association of Grid Technologies (IGT). The FTTH Council Europe newly launched Israel Working Group has joined forces with the IGT because of the complementary activities of the two organisations.

GRID/Cloud computing demands very high bandwidth solutions and Fibre-to-the-Home technologies provide the highest speed available on the market, as well as the enhanced symmetry that is necessary for interactive applications and seamless communications with “the cloud”.


The Israel Working Group is a working committee of the FTTH Council Europe and was founded as an ad hoc working group based on the plans of FTTH Council Europe to deepen the activities on national level.


The connection between FTTH and Cloud Computing will be further discussed at the FTTH Conference 2010 in Lisbon during one of the conference’s Content, Services & Applications sessions completely devoted to the topic. The first update of the FTTH Conference Programme will be soon online.


For more information on the IGT 2009 World Summit of Cloud Computing click here.