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Join our Webinar: The Do and Don'ts of Fibre Splicing/Patching/Connecting

Webinar: The Do & Don'ts of Fibre Splicing/Patching/Connecting
27 May 2010, 11:00-12:00 CET
The webinar aims at introducing the basic concepts of performing fibre connections either by fusion splicing, mechanical splicing or connecting, as well as pointing out which are the most common mistakes observed when using this two methodologies. A small comparison in advantages/disadvantages for each technology will also be introduced during the webinar.
To join the webinar you just need a PC with an Internet connection.


Presenter: Juan Colina, Manager for Systems and Solutions with one of the FTTH Council Europe Member companies, with the major role of strategically creating a full advantage product set tailored with the correct customer needs. In his previous role as FTTH Application Engineer, he took care of EMEA FTTH field trials as well as the deliverance of value propositions to major EMEA telecom operators.