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Call for Papers FTTH Conference 2011

On behalf of the programme-committee, the FTTH Council Europe invites you to submit a paper for the annual FTTH Conference, 9 – 10 February 2011 at the Milano Convention Centre, Milan, Italy.
The deadline for submitting an abstract is 30 September 2010. 

The conference theme this year will be “FTTH – Creating a brighter future”


The conference will focus on the following topics:
• Content, Services and Applications: FTTH enables new and fascinating services. We are looking for case studies, success stories and new ideas for content, services and applications that need FTTH. All kind of topics are welcome, including multimedia, gaming, cloud/grid computing, community services and Web 2.0, Web 3.0, eWorking, eLearning, eMedicine, social services, care for elderly people etc. Many of those new solutions will also have a positive impact on environment and will support the message of the sustainability of FTTH networks.
• The Business Case for FTTH: FTTH networks are a good business opportunity. At the FTTH Conference 2011 we want to present success stories, business cases for FTTH networks as well as new technologies and solutions to deploy and operate FTTH networks in an efficient way.
• FTTH – a way out of the economic crisis: FTTH is part of the solution of the economic crisis. All kind of papers which prove this statement are welcome for the FTTH Conference 2011. This, for example, includes presentations about economic stimulus packages as well as studies which show the socio-economic benefits of FTTH.
• FTTH and the Investor Community: These sessions will focus on the financial community. What are the facts that investors are interested in? How can FTTH be attractive for investors? What are the expectations and interests of investment banks? How does the typical FTTH investor look like? ...
• Regulation & Policy: Regulation is still an important factor regarding FTTH deployment. The new regulatory framework is a key topic of interest at our conference and actual regulatory and policy issues will be discussed in Milan.
• Technology, Innovation & Sustainability: The technical sessions of the conference will focus on new developments and innovations in FTTH technology including: new deployment methods, innovative FTTH solutions, new ways of in-house-cabling, state-of-the-art FTTH. Papers which focus on the sustainability aspect of FTTH technology are appreciated.


In addition to these topics you are invited to suggest any other interesting sessions or papers to be included in the conference programme.


This call for papers is open for all kind of submissions. Papers can be submitted by single persons, operators, engineering consultants, authorities, content developers, manufacturers, equipment vendors and all stakeholders of the FTTH world. The review will be done by a neutral committee of analysts. It will be a blind review, meaning that the reviewer only sees the title and the abstract but not the author(s). Any statements in the abstract which could indicate the author who/company which submitted the abstract will be removed for the review.


The FTTH Council Europe prefers neutral presentations and case study/real life experience presentations. Manufacturers and vendors can therefore increase the value of their abstract if the presentation is done through a customer.


The FTTH Council Europe will do the final selection of the papers. There is no obligation from the FTTH Council Europe to inform submitters about the reasons of accepting or rejecting a paper.


We are looking forward to receive your abstract!


FTTH-Council Europe, Technical Programme Committee contact:
Natascha Weinstabl, Project Assistant/Coordinator
e-Mail: pa@ftthcouncil.eu


Abstract-Submission & Deadlines
To submit an abstract please register here and fill out the submission form.

Abstract Guidelines
Abstracts should be a maximum of 500 words/3000 characters without pictures and must be commercial-free. The abstract should describe the primary conclusion or results of the paper including details of the work indicating the significant findings. Papers must contain significant new material not presented or published previously.  Papers may range from introductory to advanced.


• Deadline for abstracts: 30 September 2010
• Information about acceptance of abstract: 30 November 2010
• Deadline for full presentation: 31 January 2010


For technical assistance regarding our conference system, contact:
Sally Van den bemden, Communications Fellow
e-Mail: communication@ftthcouncil.eu