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Programme Presentations

Download a PDF version of the programme here


Participants can download the presentations with the username and password they received. The presentations can be found after the name of the speaker. When it states N.A. either no slides were used or we have no permission to disclose them.

30 November 2010 Day 1
Participants List

Participants List

Speakers:Participants ListPresentation:Participants_Beirut_online_2010.pdf
Opening Session

Official Welcome by Lebanese Minister for Post and Telecommunications

Speakers:HE Eng. Charbel NahasPresentation:N.A.

Speech by Acting Chairman and CEO Telecommunications Regulatory Authority

Speakers:Dr. Imad HoballahPresentation:N.A.

Speech by President FTTH Council Europe

Speakers:Chris HoldenPresentation:N.A.

Speech by Chair FTTH Council Middle East Group

Speakers:Faris AwartaniPresentation:N.A.
FTTH: Case Studies Middle East

FTTH: Case Studies Middle East

FTTH is happening in Middle East. This session gives insights into existing and planned FTTH deployments in the Middle East region.


Moderator: Richard Thomas, Member of the Board, FTTH Council Europe



- Tariq Albahri, Vice President - Fixed Access Network, du
"FTTH, Building the Base - du Case Study"

- Kassim Al-Hassani, Director General, Iraqi Telecommunications and Post Company, Ministry of Communications, Republic of Iraq
"Case Study: Why Deploying FTTH in Iraq"


Moderator:Richard ThomasPresentation:Moderator_Richard_Thomas.pdf
Speakers:Tariq AlbahriPresentation:Tariq_Albahri_Final.pdf
Kassim Al-HassaniPresentation:Kassim_Al-Hassani_Final.pdf
Coffee Break
Experiencing the Opportunities of FTTH

Experiencing the Opportunities of FTTH

FTTH networks offer a wide range of opportunities for network operators. This includes new services and business models as well as innovative regulatory approaches. This session discusses the various opportunities of FTTH.


Moderator: Eric Festraets, Member of the Board, FTTH Council Europe


- Louay Abou Chanab, Senior Associate, Booz & Company
"Sustainable Digital Highways" 
- Samer Salameh, CEO, Total Play
"Mobile / Fixed / Utility - FTTH Convergence"


Moderator:Eric FestraetsPresentation:Moderator_Eric_Festraets.pdf
Speakers:Louay Abou ChanabPresentation:Louay_Abou_Chanab_Final.pdf
Samer SalamehPresentation:Samer_Salameh_Final.pdf
Voice of the Industry

Voice of the Industry

Leading vendors will showcase their FTTH solutions and explain how their products are evolving to meet the challenges poses by mass market deployment. The session will analyse how these solutions will affect the design, installation and operation of real-world FTTH networks. Topics covered will include complex outside plant deployments, wholesale access and network-based services.


Moderator: Nadia Babaali, Communications Director, FTTH Council Europe



- Jan van Tetering, Vice President Network Solutions & Strategy Europe, Middle East and Africa Region, Alcatel-Lucent
"Deploying and Adopting Fiber"

- Peter Ludin, Vice President Sales EMEA, Draka
"Delevering Innovation: Smart Solutions for your FTTx Network"

- Eng. Rami Abdel Majeed, Project Manager, Moseco Group
“A Quick Guide- Fibre to the Home/Building - FTTH/FTTB in MEA”

- Georges Antoun, Head of Product Area IP & Broadband Networks (PAIB), Ericsson
"Deep Fiber Access - Lighting the Last Mile"


Moderator:Nadia BabaaliPresentation:Moderator_Nadia_Babaali.pdf
Speakers:Jan van TeteringPresentation:Jan_van_Tetering_ALU_Final.pdf
Peter LudinPresentation:Peter_Ludin_Draka.pdf
Eng. Rami Abdel MajeedPresentation:Rami_Abdel_Majeed_Moseco_Final.pdf
Georges AntounPresentation:Georges_Antoun_Ericsson_Final.pdf
Coffee Break
Workshop: Making the Case for FTTx

Workshop: Making the Case for FTTx

by Richard Jones, Partner, Ventura Team LLP
"Making the case for FTTx – a workshop on the key business drivers for an FTTx business and where you need to focus your attention"

Speakers:Richard JonesPresentation:N.A.
1 December 2010 Day 2
Analysts Session: FTTH Market in the Middle East

Analysts Session: FTTH Market in the Middle East

The annual rankings from the three FTTH Councils provide a benchmark for authorities around the world.  In this session, industry analysts will present a complete overview of the worldwide markets for broadband and FTTH. They will also examine the specific situation in the Middle East today and the opportunities and outlook for fibre deployments in the region over the next few years.


Moderator: Jan Schindler, Chair Market Intelligence Committee, FTTH Council Europe


- Roland Montagne, Director Telecoms Business Unit, IDATE
"European and Middle East FTTH Markets"

- Jawad Abbassi, Founder and General Manager, Arab Advisors Group
"The Arab World's Telecom and Broadband Markets: Current status and future prospects"

- Gary O'Neal, Chief Technical Advisor, SAMENATelecommunications Council
"FTTH Market in Middle East - The emerging FTTH arena within SAMENA Region"


Moderator:Jan SchindlerPresentation:Moderator_Jan_Schindler_Final.pdf
Speakers:Roland MontagnePresentation:IDATE_Roland_Montagne_Final.pdf
Jawad AbbassiPresentation:AAG_Jawad_Abbassi_Final.pdf
Gary O'NealPresentation:SAMENA_Gary_ONeal_Final.pdf
Coffee Break
FTTH: Lessons Learned

FTTH: Lessons Learned

More than 50 Million customers already benefit from fibre connections worldwide. This session will discuss several aspects of lessons learned and present experiences from global markets.


Moderator: Gamal Hegazy, Member of the FTTH Council Middle East founding Board




- Dr. Shoichi Hanatani, Chair Education & Training Committee, FTTH Council Asia-Pacific
"FTTH Deployment in Asia-Pacific and Lessons Learned"

- Saleha Asif, Associate Principal, McKinsey & Company
"Monetizing Fiber - Key to successful Fiber Commercialization"


Moderator:Gamal HegazyPresentation:Moderator_Gamal_Hegazy.pdf
Speakers:Dr. Shoichi HanataniPresentation:Shoichi_Hanatani_Final.pdf
Saleha AsifPresentation:Saleha_Asif_Final.pdf
Breakout Sessions: 1. FTTH Technology Session - 2. The Business Case for FTTH

Breakout Session 1: FTTH Technology Session

This tutorial session is designed to bring everyone up to speed on FTTH technology and terminology. The session will start with the basics, for instance the difference between fibre-to-the-home, building, curb and node; and move onto more complicated subjects such as PON vs. point-to-point architectures.


Moderator: Thomas Martin, Vice-Chair, FTTH Council Middle East Group and Deployment & Operations Committee, FTTH Council Europe 


- Thomas Martin, Vice-Chair, FTTH Council Middle East Group and Deployment & Operations Committee, FTTH Council Europe

- Dr. Alain Bertaina, Product Marketing Director, Single-mode Fiber, Draka Communications
"Infrastructure - End-to-End Deployment Solutions"

Speakers:Thomas MartinPresentation:Thomas_Martin_Final.pdf
Dr. Alain BertainaPresentation:Alain_Bertaina_Final.pdf

Breakout Session 2: The Business Case for FTTH

This tutorial session will discuss the business case for FTTH networks. All important topics will be covered including Operator Models, Services and Pricing, Marketing, Consumer Research and Financing.


Moderator: Albert Grooten, Member of the Board, FTTH Council Europe




- Albert Grooten, Member of the Board, FTTH Council Europe

- Bruno Van Den Bossche, Development Engineer, Comsof NV
"The FTTH Business Case: Comparing the Impact of Important Parameters" 

Ajay Saini, Product Marketing Manager for Broadband Access, Ericsson
"The Business Case for FTTH: Challenges and Recommendations" 

Speakers:Albert GrootenPresentation:Albert_Grooten_Final.pdf
Bruno Van Den BosschePresentation:Bruno_Van_den_Bossche_Final.pdf
Ajay SainiPresentation:Ajay_Saini_Final.pdf