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Associate Partners

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ACEPI- Portuguese E-commerce and Internet Advertising Association (www.acepi.com.pt) is an independent, non-profit association of single and collective people, that aims the study and the implementation of the several forms of Electronic Commerce and Internet Advertising, thus representing an independent and opened forum to debate, potentiate, promote, simplify and dignify both Electronic Commerce and Internet Advertising.


The APDC – Associação Portuguesa para o Desenvolvimento das Comunicações (Portuguese Association for Communications Development) positions itself as an Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) and New Media Association.
Assuming the role of an integrating reference platform for total and global innovation, this Association is currently implementing a stakeholder mobilisation strategy, through diversified initiatives structured around a common goal: to contribute towards the development of Portugal, on all levels, through creation of global collaboration networks, able to promote overall development and innovation, involving a strong bet on talent and new entrepreneurs. www.apdc.pt


The BSG is the UK government's leading advisory group on broadband. It provides a neutral forum for organisations across the converging broadband value-chain to discuss and resolve key policy, regulatory and commercial issues, with the ultimate aim of helping to create a strong and competitive UK knowledge economy. The BSG’s diverse network includes telecoms operators, manufacturers, investors, ISPs, broadcasters, new media companies, mobile operators, content producers and rights holders, as well as government departments (BIS, DCMS), Ofcom, Regional Development Agencies, devolved administrations and others. www.broadbanduk.org


The Danish Energy Association is a commercial organization for Danish energy companies. It is managed and financed by its member companies, mainly the electricity companies, and works to secure them the freest and most favorable conditions for competition and development in order to ensure development, growth and well-being in Denmark. The Danish Energy Association also covers the interests of the energy companies’ commercial roll-out of optical fibres to consumers and business customers. This activity includes 12 companies covering most part of Denmark. www.danskenergi.dk    www.danishenergyassociation.com


The European Competitive Telecommunications Association was founded in 1998, and supports the regulatory and commercial interests of new entrant telecoms operators, ISPs and suppliers of products and services to the communications industry. We work for a fair regulatory environment which allows all electronic communications providers to compete on level terms in order to multiply investment and innovation throughout an effective European internal market. The association represents the telecommunications industry to key government and regulatory bodies and maintains a forum for networking and business development. www.ectaportal.com


Europacable is the European platform for cable manufacturers and voice of the industry towards the EU Commission. The main missions are the promotion of the use of cables, the promotion of wire and cable technology reflecting state of the art technology and safety in all fields of application such as enamelled wires, general wiring cables for construction/industrial applications, energy cables, data/control cables and metallic and optical fibre telecommunication cables. www.europacable.com


FEE, the Federation of Electricity and Electronics, is a dynamic and professional organization that acts as the spokesperson of the Belgian sector of electricity and electronics. Our members are manufacturers, importers, wholesalers and related companies. FEE is the most important representative of these sectors towards the government, the market and other interest groups. www.feebel.be


Fiber Optic Valley is Sweden’s leading organization within fiber optics. We co-operate with universities, investors, policy makers and private companies for the development of new products and services based on fiber optics and the need for high-speed internet. Through us you have one simple way in to the prospering Swedish fiber optic market. en.fiberopticvalley.com


IBBT, the Interdisciplinary institute for BroadBand Technology, is a research institute founded by the Flemish government, aimed at Information and Communication Technology (ICT) in general, and the development of broadband applications in particular. IBBT’s primary mission is to develop highly competent human capital and to carry out multidisciplinary research on behalf of the Flemish business community as well as the Flemish government. IBBT receives a yearly budget of 23,2 million euro. Since its foundation in 2004, IBBT has started over 80 projects with more than 300 organisations. These projects strive for the joint development of innovative applications in several domains, as there are health care, mobility, new media and e-government.
For more information: www.ibbt.be


Study Group 15 - Optical transport networks and access network infrastructures
Study Group 15 is responsible in ITU T for the development of standards on optical transport networks and access network infrastructures, systems, equipment, optical fibres and cables, and their related installation, maintenance, test, instrumentation and measurement techniques, and control plane technologies to enable the evolution toward intelligent transport networks. This encompasses the development of related standards for the customer premises, access, metropolitan and long haul sections of communication networks.


Vefica the Dutch Society of Manufacturers and Suppliers to the Broadband Industry
Vefica's members represent the major part of the Dutch broadband industry and with that Vefica can be considered as an important platform on behalf of the Dutch broadband industry. One of the prime tasks of Vefica is offering a communications platform for our members and other parties in the industry. www.vefica.org


WestLB AG is a European commercial bank with firm roots in North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany´s most densely populated federal state. With Group total assets of € 254.5 billion as of June 30, 2009, it is one of Germany´s leading financial services providers. It is the central institution for the savings banks in North Rhine-Westphalia and Brandenburg, and as an internationally operating commercial bank it acts as their link to the global financial markets. Working in close partnership with the savings banks, WestLB offers a wide range of products and services, focusing on lending, project finance, capital market products, asset management, transaction services and real estate finance. WestLB employs 5,208 staff (as of June 30, 2009). WestLB AG is rated A1 by Moody's, A- by Standard & Poor's and A (high) by DBRS. www.westlb.de