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FTTH Services Showroom

The FTTH Services Showroom show-cased hands-on demos of FTTH-enabled services and applications.

Several developers and European projecs presented themselves in this showroom area.


LINK CARE SERVICES - Technical innovation for dependant people
Link Care Services designs and distributes EDAO, the first video monitoring service for dependant people living at home or in a care facility.


MEDIGRAF - Remote health care services
Medigraf Teleconsultation Solution provides remote healthcare services, offering a collaborative environment, videotelephony services and clinical data sharing. With this solution, PT Inovação provides healthcare professionals a tool to remotely work together towards a common diagnosis, no matter the distance between them.


FAIR PLAY INTERACTIVE TV - The first 100% personalized and interactive linear TV channels
Winner of the ITV Awards 2009 “Innovation and Technology”, Fair Play Interactive allows TV viewers to personalise their TV channel.


MANODO MyHome - Increasing the value of your FTTH business
Manodo expands the operator’s portfolio with the kinds of Digital Home services that attract new customers and keep existing customers onboard.


MICROSOFT MEDIAROOM - Television delivery platform
The Microsoft Mediaroom platform supports live TV, Video on Demand and television applications. Mediaroom supports the three consumer screens, TV (using set top boxes and Xbox games consoles), Personal computers (running Windows 7) and mobile phones.


BELEARNER.COM - Video Learning Object
www.belearner.com is produced by ERDENET, which creates web applications that allow users to pursue their own self-paced course programme through the use of interactive videos. This application is based on a collaborative platform that promotes online community participation and exchange of information.


OPEN CITIES - Open innovation for future Internet services in smart cities (FP7)
Open Cities aims to conduct two types of research simultaneously: socio-economic research on the use of open innovation in the public sector and future Internet research through real-life pilots. 


SARDANA - Scalable Fibre-to-the-Home PON Architecture (FP7)
Demo of the first scalable hybrid WDM/TDM-PON FTTH network with resilient optically-integrated ring-trees architecture. The multi-layer prototype covers from the new optical layer to multimedia applications. It extends the access reach to 1000 users at longer distances, at up to 10Gbit/s, supporting different types of services and operators simultaneously.